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Canada Lodge held our first Ceremonies of Initiation on the evening of October 7, 2010 here at Kandahar Air Field.
Initiated were Major Robert Kelly and Corporal Satraj Toor and as you can see from the photos, our lodge is now beautifully furnished thanks to the generosity of the brethren from back home.

Due to operational requirements we did not (all who had parts) have the chance (though try we did) to do a complete run through before the big night.
If I may say so myself, the ceremony was done as well as any I have seen back home (in my limited Masonic experience, mind you).
All of the parts came together seamlessly and it was quite evident that all of the brethren had put their heart and soul into the perfection of their work.
I am truly honoured to have been a part of this historic Masonic event.
Our evening ended with a truly Afghan flavour as we were posing for photographs we came under rocket attack and had to hit the floor (pictured).
There is also a good group photo that was taken, however the one on my camera did not turn out. I will forward it to you when I get a copy.

S&F Joe

W. Bro. Gordon Hendrie FCF
Secretary of the College of Freemasonry
president of the Alumni Association
Member of the Committee on Masonic Education


The content of this email is about 48’s meeting held on 14th October 2010 and the fact it has been 30 years since 48 became members of the consortium, is a testament to all in Freemasonry that our Association works!

Many lodges have had to give up their sole owned and run buildings but our one has remained strong for a long time now, thanks to the dedication of the Committee over the 30 years. Over the last couple of years we have had a few Brethren, for reasons I can’t fathom that have tried to undermine all the good in our Association, and as my wife would say about all the hassle we have had from these so called Freemasons, " where is the brotherly love?” and I would like to ask these individuals, is this how they were taught to behave as masons?

A prominent member, who is a PM of a member Lodge said in a public meeting in Grand-Lodge, in front of females and members of the public, (potential candidates?) that Associations don't work!  Well all I can say that since my initiation in 1993 into Royal Thistle, the building in Morningside has got better and better! The facilities and decoration are very good! The Temple is the envy of nearly all who visit and the acoustics are incredible. I think that the small mindedness of a few Brethren is terrible and if they are true Freemasons then they should settle their differences amicably or retire from the Association so that the love and harmony is not disturbed by their presence.

I seem to have heard that bit a few times and I wonder if the Brethren who are causing all the problems remember and stand by it also. I would also like to ask 48 if they could provide us with a short version of the minutes of their meeting as the master who was in the chair on their first meeting 30 years ago was present and took part in that historic occasion and his words should go on record for everyone in our Association to read maybe then we might get some peace from the doubters.

Yours faithfully

Denis Clair PM

Lodge Royal Thistle. No1338  

PS. A great big thanks to Andy Hamilton PM 48 and all who did a lot of work over the summer to get our building into its’ present state!  We had our first meeting after the break and were amazed how good the place looked. So well done and also thank you to our Bar Staff who also assist in making our meeting nights a success.  


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